Tips for Finding the Best Dentist for Teenagers

As children become teenagers, parents often have to step back and let their kids start figuring things out for themselves. However, teens can sometimes struggle to keep up with the best habits when it comes to dental health. Even the most responsible teenager might miss one of their twice-daily toothbrushing sessions while staying up studying. After all, it’s hard to... read more »

5 Facts about Tooth Loss

Though tooth loss is common in America, many people aren’t aware of the risk factors and treatments for this condition until after they’re already facing an extraction. Here are five things to know about tooth loss, how to prevent it, and the best way to get your smile back if you have a tooth removed.   1. Gum Disease is... read more »

What is Dental Implant Restoration?

  There are many reasons to replace a missing tooth. Maybe you’re worried about your remaining teeth shifting out of alignment due to the gap. Some people find it difficult or annoying to keep the open gum area clear, and others are self-conscious about how a tooth gap affects their smile. No matter why you’re interested in replacing your lost... read more »

Suresmile for Teens: A Different Approach to Orthodontics

Your child’s teenage years are exciting, but they can also be a challenge. From changing hormones to navigating the trials of high school, teenagers almost always have a lot on their plates. When teen dental issues and crooked teeth crop up, it can throw a big wrench into their daily lives. While braces are an excellent option for helping teenagers... read more »

6 Cavity Myths Busted

  For years myths about the cause of cavities have been held on to as fact.  Today we set the record straight and give you the truth about decay. MYTH 1: Brushing and flossing are enough to fight decay. FACT: Brushing and flossing alone do not kill the bacteria that are the real cause of decay. Dental Caries is a... read more »

What are Sealants?

Your child's daily routine should involve brushing and flossing, hopefully twice a day; but if he or she is continually hearing the word cavity during a dental office visit, then dental sealants might be a great option for your child.  Even when brushing and flossing regularly, it is hard to get all the plaque removed from the deep grooves of molars.... read more »

Fruit Juice and Sports Beverages

Little athletes love sports drinks!  These popular beverages are colorful, tasty and can be refreshing to drink after a game in the hot sun, but they can also be harmful to developing teeth. To protect your child’s smile from the acid and sugar that these drinks contain, limit their intake to only after a game, and not all-day consumption.  It... read more »

Preventing sensitive teeth

The first step is to have either Dr. Kutsch or Renyer examine your teeth. They will check to be sure you do not have any areas of decay or even a broken or cracked tooth.  If you do not have any dental issues, you simply may have sensitive teeth. You should try a sensitive formulated toothpaste, usually this type of... read more »