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Your child’s teenage years are exciting, but they can also be a challenge. From changing hormones to navigating the trials of high school, teenagers almost always have a lot on their plates. When teen dental issues and crooked teeth crop up, it can throw a big wrench into their daily lives. While braces are an excellent option for helping teenagers achieve a perfect smile for life, many teens may be interested in a more visually subtle solution. Clear aligners are an excellent option for teenagers whether they’re worried about noticeable orthodontics cramping their style or want to show off a natural smile at prom.


How Clear Aligners for Teenagers Work

Eighty percent of people with orthodontics are between 6 and 17 years old. This means that millions of American teenagers are wearing braces or using clear aligners. With so many people pursuing their ideal smile, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about wearing traditional braces! However, it’s also true that many people prefer the flexibility and subtlety of clear aligners. So how do clear aligners work, and are they the best option in orthodontics for teenagers?

The process of getting SureSmile for teens is simple. First, your dentist begins by taking a 3D image of your mouth and teeth to create a digital model. Using this model, dentists can illustrate how your teeth will shift throughout treatment and what the final results should look like. Next, your dentist will print the first set of aligners. As your teenager continues their treatment, your dentist will continue to provide new aligners to progressively shift their teeth into the desired position. 

Clear aligners have many benefits compared to traditional orthodontics. For one, you don’t have to worry about avoiding certain foods while straightening your teeth, because you will take your aligners out for every meal. They also make it easier to keep your teeth clean compared to the hassle of brushing and flossing around metal braces. Some people don’t like the way metal braces look and enjoy the ability to remove their aligners for pictures. 


How Long Do Clear Aligners Take?

Like all orthodontics, the amount of time it takes for clear aligners to make the desired changes in your teen’s smile depends on how diligent they are with their treatments and how much change they are trying to enact. SureSmile aligners should be worn for 20 hours daily and exchanged for a new set of aligners every two weeks. Generally, clear braces for teens take between eight months to two years to finish aligning teeth. However, a significant factor in determining how quickly teeth shift is how often your teen wears their aligners. Unlike braces, clear aligners rely on a person’s diligence in wearing them regularly to work to their best effect. If your teenager struggles to keep wearing their aligners as often as they should, it may take longer for their teeth to shift correctly. 


Are Clear Braces Right For Your Teen’s Orthodontics?

There are many reasons to choose clear braces over traditional ones. Maybe your teen doesn’t want to deal with the inconvenience of metal braces or is worried about being able to keep their teeth clean. Even purely cosmetic concerns are important, as we believe that people of all ages should be able to feel confident in their smiles. No matter the reasons, clear aligners are a great choice for teenage orthodontics. For more information, contact our offices at Pinnacle Dental Associates to get your teenager started on the path to a beautiful smile for life.