Where Are You Located?

We are a dental office in Albany, Oregon, but other areas we also serve include the cities and towns of Linn County. No matter where you are coming from, we are happy to have you here!

Why Do We Take X-Rays?

X-rays help our dentists see the deeper picture in your mouth. These images provide Dr. Greg Renyer and Dr. Cheryl Cooper a view underneath the surface of your teeth and gums to detect unseen problems. People with existing oral health issues may need more frequent X-rays, but the procedure is totally safe and comfortable.

Why Should I Go to the Dentist Regularly?

Routine dental visits are the best thing you can do for your oral health. With regular check-ups, our dentists will give you the best advice about taking care of your teeth in the long term. We can also identify any long-term issues that may cause problems if left untreated.

Why Do I Need To See the Hygienist Regularly?

Regular dental cleanings can relieve common oral problems such as gum disease, bad breath and tooth sensitivity. A hygienist can help clean your teeth of plaque build-up that causes pain and inflammation. Regularly scheduled dental cleanings keep your gums and teeth healthy.

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