Dental Implant Procedure Steps

The absence of one or more teeth can have a significant impact on your daily life, affecting your work, mealtime and oral hygiene routine. For some individuals, missing teeth can even lead to a decrease in their overall quality of life. At our office, we understand the importance of your smile and want you to feel confident and happy. Therefore, we provide comprehensive dental implant services in Albany, Oregon, to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile.

What To Expect When Receiving a Dental Implant

Getting a dental implant goes through several phases. Upon your initial visit, we will utilize our state-of-the-art technology and expertise to evaluate your suitability for treatment and strategize your personalized plan.

This involves the utilization of a CT scanner for precise planning and a surgical guide to guarantee the accurate placement of implant posts in the planned locations. The utilization of this advanced technology for planning ensures a seamless procedure.

We will evaluate the health of your mouth and determine if your jawbone is prepared for the implantation process. We will also capture images that are necessary to plan for the placement of the dental implant. A dental implant procedure is a form of oral surgery, so we will make absolutely sure that everything checks out.

The subsequent phase involves the creation of a new root for each artificial tooth. This process is referred to as an “implant” because it entails inserting a rod into your jaw to provide maximum stability for your tooth restoration.

Once your new root has healed and fused with your jawbone, you have reached the final stage: restoration. We will place a crown on each implant that will resemble a natural tooth. Our utmost priority is to match it with the color and overall appearance of the rest of your unique smile.

During this process, there is no need for you to visit any other office. We will provide you with a simple schedule for your visits and will guide you through every step.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Once you have your dental implants, you will notice a few benefits:

  • Because your implants are firmly fixed in your jawbone, there will not be any movement or clicking.
  • Your replaced teeth will be as robust as your natural teeth, allowing you to eat and clean them normally.
  • You can choose to use your implanted roots for other purposes, such as securing a bridge or dentures instead of crowns.

We Are Looking Forward To Seeing You

It is exciting to help our patients to win back confidence in their smiles through dental implants in Albany, Oregon! Our dentists and team at Pinnacle Dental Associates would love to meet with you to discover what you need and what we can do for you. Please call 541-928-9299 anytime to schedule an appointment with Dr. Greg Renyer or Dr. Cheryl Cooper.