Gum disease can be a serious problem. We see it as a major disease, right up there with heart disease and other conditions. Disease in your gums can spread to your teeth and cause them to decay! That is why we are always vigilant to catch gum disease before it develops or spreads.

Scaling and Root Planing

Also known as a deep cleaning, scaling and root planing is one of the most common periodontal treatments offered in dentistry. It removes plaque and harmful bacteria from below your gumline to keep the roots of your teeth strong and promote proper gum health.


This is an exciting diagnostic tool in treating gum disease. After 30 seconds of swishing a rinse, you will give us a complete picture of the types of bacteria that are inhabiting your mouth. We can then tailor your treatment to eliminate harmful bacteria and stop gum disease in its tracks!

Perio Protect®

This is one option for treating gum disease. With Perio Protect, we can administer medication below the gums by using customized mouth trays. These trays are worn while you are in the comfort of your own home. As you relax in your favorite chair, you can defeat gum disease!

We will monitor your progress and help ensure the bacteria in your mouth are no longer an oral health issue. We want to help you avoid more serious health issues by treating your gum disease now.

What Are the Benefits of Gum Disease Treatment?

Our gum health services, also called “periodontal” services, defend your mouth against gum disease. We strive to keep your gums looking and feeling pristine and healthy. Here are the benefits of these services:

  • Greater Dental Health: Keeping your gums healthy is not just about your gums. Healthy gums help keep the rest of your mouth healthier too.
  • Tooth Protection: A tooth infection can spread to your gums, and the opposite is also true: a gum infection can spread to your teeth. Healthy gums protect your teeth.
  • Reduced Pain During Chewing: Gum disease can cause painful chewing, which can lead to poor digestion when patients do not chew well enough. Periodontal treatment can make chewing much easier and more comfortable!
  • Better Breath: If your gum disease is causing bad breath, our periodontal services can make it smell much better.

Gum Tissue Grafts

At Pinnacle Dental Associates, we can give you a gum graft, also known as a soft tissue graft. In this procedure, we will replace your damaged gum tissue with some of your own oral tissue from another part of your mouth. This will cover up any exposed roots.

Remember, brushing twice a day and flossing every day can help reduce the likelihood that conditions like gum disease will form. Regular professional dental cleanings and examinations are also important for your dental health to catch problems like gum disease early.

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