Clear Braces

Do you dream of having straighter teeth but really do not want to go through the pain of metal braces? That is very understandable. Many people do not want to go through that discomfort and inconvenience. Although metal braces are the traditional solution for correcting dental misalignments, they do come with several drawbacks. Some patients really do not like the way metal braces look, especially adults who are working professionals. Others aren’t fond of the dietary restrictions that come with metal braces. Plus, some patients have heard that metal braces can damage the soft tissues in the mouth. No matter your reason for not wanting metal braces, Pinnacle Dental Associates can help you find an alternative solution that better matches your needs.

What Are SureSmile® Aligners?

For decades, if you wanted to straighten your teeth, metal braces were your only option. However, you can now use nonmetal aligners. The SureSmile system uses a series of clear, customized teeth straightening aligner trays. SureSmile clear aligners are barely visible. Most people probably won’t even notice you have anything on.

SureSmile clear aligners are meant to be worn throughout the day and night. While in, the trays apply gentle pressure to the teeth that need to move, realigning them to the desired placement. As your chosen orthodontist in Albany, we will provide new aligners to replace the old ones monthly, ensuring a gradual, effective realignment. Achieving straight teeth has never been easier!

The Advantages of the SureSmile System

Compared to traditional metal braces, SureSmile clear aligners offer many advantages:

  • Easy To Clean: Your aligners will not have any metal wires that food can get trapped in. In fact, you can just take them out to eat.
  • Invisibility: It will not be easy for others to notice that you are getting your teeth straightened, even when you smile and laugh.
  • No Metal: It is true that metal braces have caused injuries and even scars on the gums of some patients, but SureSmile uses no metal!
  • Less Discomfort: The tightening of metal braces can cause sudden and sharp pains. In contrast, SureSmile aligners exert an even, gentle pressure to your teeth.
  • Convenience: Whatever your age, the SureSmile system will not disrupt your everyday life.

Make an Appointment for Straighter Teeth

If you want to know if SureSmile aligners might work for you, make an appointment with our teeth straightening services team for a consultation. Dr. Greg Renyer and Dr. Cheryl Cooper will examine your teeth to make sure you are a candidate. Then, we will get impressions of your teeth and send them out to have your series of aligners created. Choose Pinnacle Dental Associates as your desired Orthodontist in Albany today and give us a call at 541-928-9299 today to find out how to get the smile of your dreams!