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What is a cosmetic dentist? What makes them any different from my local dentist? Or are they like the apples and oranges of the dentistry world?


First of all, just because one is a cosmetic dentist does not make them any better than a regular good dentist. They perform two very different services that just so happen to both concern the health and appearance of your teeth.


Your regular dentist is the one whom you see to get your teeth cleaned. Experts recommend that you get a dental cleaning once every six months, in order to prevent tooth decay. Dentists can also perform tooth repair or preventative measures as well. For instance, there is a procedure known as tooth sealing. This process is used as the next line of defense after brushing, as it seals away any weak spots on your teeth, therefore preventing any tooth decay from forming there, or allowing it to progress any further.


Depending on how simple it is, some dentists do offer the occasional cosmetic procedure. Tooth whitening is easily done, and the most often requested cosmetic procedure. There are a few different applications that can be used, but all are relatively inexpensive compared to other treatments, and do not require much investment on the part of either the dentist or the patient. If the procedures get any more complex, however, a cosmetic dentist may be the next step.


Cosmetic dentistry does not focus on the health aspect at all. They are purely for looks. Think of them as the plastic surgeons of the dental world. Their procedures can help to improve the appearance of both the teeth and the gums, with no intention of improving oral health. Cosmetic dentistry is a steadily rising trend, as the procedures become safer, cheaper, and quicker. And about 93 percent of all cosmetic dental patients are women.


If you think that you may want some cosmetic dentistry work done, talk to your regular dentist first. She can give you suggestions on what to get done, she can give you the name of a cosmetic dentist whom she recommends, or she may even be able to do the procedure herself. Whatever the case, get the advice from the professional first. She will be your best bet in being pointed in the right direction for cosmetic dentistry.