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As children become teenagers, parents often have to step back and let their kids start figuring things out for themselves. However, teens can sometimes struggle to keep up with the best habits when it comes to dental health. Even the most responsible teenager might miss one of their twice-daily toothbrushing sessions while staying up studying. After all, it’s hard to take the absolute best care of your teeth, even as a seasoned adult. If you’re looking for a dentist for teenagers, finding a good fit can be challenging. Luckily Pinnacle Dental Associates are here to help.


Teenage Teeth Health

Teenage teeth require all the care that adult teeth need, but with some special adjustments. Teenagers grow differently., Some may still have their baby teeth, while others may experience teeth shifting as their mouths finish developing. Teenage orthodontics is a standard solution if growing jaws end up displacing teeth in a way that causes practical or aesthetic problems. When it comes to adolescent hormones, growth spurts, and busy schedules, your teen’s diet might have more sweets and fast food than is healthy for their teeth. All these factors make teenage dentistry even more critical.

When all their adult teeth grow in, it’s time for teens to start building the solid dental hygiene habits that will carry them through their adult life. And like adults, teenagers also need regular trips to see their dentist for consistent checkups. However, many people are wary of going to the dentist, and teenagers are no different. It helps to find a dentist for teenagers who can keep them engaged with their oral health – and one of the best ways to do that is by finding a dentist who can treat your family from childhood through their teens, all the way through adulthood.

Finding a family dentist that can care for all ages will ensure that you and your family get the best care. Working with a dentist who knows you and your teeth can establish a baseline for your oral health and spot any potential issues even sooner. It also means that for kids, teens, and adults who experience some anxiety about professional dental care, your dentist can provide everything you need to stay calm and comfortable throughout your visit. Of course, the key is to find the best dentistry practice to give your family the best care.


The Best Dentistry for Children and Teens

“Where’s the best dentist for teenagers near me?” It’s a common refrain for parents of teens. If you’re in the vicinity of Albany, Oregon, and need a dentist for teenagers, we’d love to see you at Pinnacle Dental Associates. We’re the friendliest family dentistry practice in Oregon, offering top-notch dental care not just to your children and teens but to parents and grandparents as well. No matter your age or dental needs, we’re happy to do our part to keep your smile in top condition. Our patients love that they can bring their whole family into our practice for one convenient dental visit. If you have questions, give us a call anytime.