Personal Dental Goals to Set in 2023

It’s never too late in the year to start setting new goals; keeping them is usually the trick. By now, 43 percent of people have already failed their New Year’s Resolutions as the excitement of a new start steadily wears off. But when it comes to things like your dental health, there’s no time like the present to embrace new... read more »

The History of Dental Implants

For all of human history, people have been losing their teeth and using creative solutions to replace them. The history of dental implants reveals a fascinating picture of how dentistry has evolved over the millennia, not to mention how far modern implants have come from their humble beginnings.   When Were Dental Implants Invented?  How long have dental implants been... read more »

How to Overcome Dental Anxiety

Does a routine trip to the dentist make you want to hide under the bed? Dental anxiety is a well-documented phenomenon in which a person experiences intense anxiety at the prospect of going to the dentist. The condition may involve shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, and panic. While it’s perfectly normal to be nervous about the dentist, if you experience... read more »

After a Tooth Extraction, What Can I Eat?

No matter the circumstances, getting a tooth extracted is rarely much fun. Even though the worst is probably behind you once a dentist removes your tooth, practicing proper aftercare will help your mouth heal up quickly. Of all the questions people ask after this procedure, the most common one is simple: “After a tooth extraction, what can I eat?”  While... read more »

What is Restorative Dentistry?

The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but let’s not undervalue the charm of a beautiful smile. Of course, even if you’re lucky enough to grow up with a perfect set of pearly whites, it’s hard to keep them that way. From chipped teeth to cavities, tooth damage is as common as it is unpleasant. But you don’t... read more »

A Youthful Smile At Any Age

A wise person once said that everyone wants to have a long life, but no one wants to get old. Yet it happens. At Pinnacle Dental Associates in Albany, we believe that just because we get older doesn't mean we sacrifice our dental health. Many dental problems common among retirees such as missing teeth, gum recession, tooth damage, and yellowed... read more »

3 Problems Which May Require A Root Canal

Root canals have a bad reputation. Just hearing the words make a lot of people uneasy, because they're associated with pain. But at Pinnacle Dental Associates in Albany, we stress that root canals do the opposite: they don't cause pain, they relieve it. A root canal usually becomes necessary when a tooth is infected or badly damaged. Formally known as... read more »

Your Dentist Does A Lot More Than Fill Cavities

Most people know they can come to us at Pinnacle Dental Associates in Albany for toothaches, cleanings, and bleeding gums (not to mention cosmetic dentistry procedures such as a smile makeover). But there are some lesser-known concerns that we can help you with. Dry mouth, technically called xerostomia, is caused by a lack of saliva and can be quite uncomfortable.... read more »

5 Ways To Restore A Tooth

There is more than one way to fix a tooth. In this post from Pinnacle Dental Associates in Albany, we look at six restoration procedures that are used to repair a damaged tooth: 1. Dental Bonding Bonding, officially called direct composite veneers, is used to fix chips, cracks, stains, and make teeth longer. It is also sometimes used to fill... read more »

Dental Questions? Pinnacle Dental Associates Has Answers

At Pinnacle Dental Associates in Albany, we strive for excellence in dentistry every day. Providing the best possible dental care goes beyond cleanings and exams. We like patients who ask a lot of questions, because that tells us they are taking a strong interest in their dental health. Frequently Asked Questions One of the questions we're frequently asked is whether... read more »