Dental Air Abrasion

Many people can’t think of going to the dentist without imagining the sound of the dental drill. That’s because, whether preparing a tooth for a dental crown, removing cavities, or performing root canal therapy, dentists have relied on this time-tested technology for years. However, modern dentists also have a newer option for removing portions of the tooth structure without that familiar noise of a... read more »

The History of Dental Implants

For all of human history, people have been losing their teeth and using creative solutions to replace them. The history of dental implants reveals a fascinating picture of how dentistry has evolved over the millennia, not to mention how far modern implants have come from their humble beginnings.   When Were Dental Implants Invented?  How long have dental implants been... read more »

Keeping it clean!

Did you know that we are constantly cleaning and disinfecting our tools, chairs, and equipment; we know a lot about keeping things spotless. Just how clean are we? Let us start with disinfecting our tools. Every item used in patient care is either autoclaved, which means it is sterilized 250 degrees to kill all bacteria, or disposable. We rigorously clean... read more »