What is Dental Implant Restoration?

  There are many reasons to replace a missing tooth. Maybe you’re worried about your remaining teeth shifting out of alignment due to the gap. Some people find it difficult or annoying to keep the open gum area clear, and others are self-conscious about how a tooth gap affects their smile. No matter why you’re interested in replacing your lost... read more »

Dental Implant Aftercare–Tips for Improving Healing

Missing a tooth can be a unique struggle. It’s uncomfortable when food gets into the gap between your teeth and can even increase your risk of gum disease. Missing teeth can also cause remaining teeth to shift, becoming crooked. And of course, many people feel self-conscious about showing their smile with a prominent tooth missing. Almost two-thirds of Americans have... read more »

A Youthful Smile At Any Age

A wise person once said that everyone wants to have a long life, but no one wants to get old. Yet it happens. At Pinnacle Dental Associates in Albany, we believe that just because we get older doesn't mean we sacrifice our dental health. Many dental problems common among retirees such as missing teeth, gum recession, tooth damage, and yellowed... read more »

Avoid Bone Deterioration Following Extraction

Hello friends of Pinnacle Dental Associates in Albany! In this  post, we will review jaw bone health. To remain healthy and dense, your jaw bone needs to be constantly stimulated by the pressure of chewing, biting, and talking. Each tooth has a root structure the extends into the surrounding bone material. As each tooth absorbs the forces of everyday mouth... read more »

The Health And Beauty Consequences Of Missing Teeth

This message from Pinnacle Dental Associates in Albany OR focuses on missing teeth and bone health, and how dental implants can make a difference. Our teeth have many important functions. We need them to chew our food, talk, and smile. But have you ever considered their role in holding up your face? When we lose teeth, the bone around the... read more »

Gap-Tooth Smiles Aren’t Quite As Adorable Anymore

Have you lost teeth? It's a lot different than when you lost your baby teeth way back in the day. Unfortunately, these don't grow back. A dental implant from Pinnacle Dental Associates in Albany can restore your smile with a lifelike replacement. A dental implant is a titanium post that is surgically implanted into your jaw. An artificial tooth fits... read more »