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What are dental benefits?  Many employers offer full-time employees dental health benefits as part of, or in addition to, their regular health benefits. Think of your dental benefits like health insurance for your teeth!  Ninety percent of dental benefits are offered through employers, because they know the value of dental health.  They know that good oral health contributes to overall health; employees with good dental health miss less work and are more productive. 

If you have dental benefits, it is likely that you pay a premium that contributes to the cost of your maintenance and preventative care.  When you visit our office for your regular check-up, which includes an exam, cleaning and necessary X-rays, you may not have to pay anything out-of-pocket due that these services are included in your benefit plan. 

Some of the plans offered by employers to their workers vary in their flexibility and what services are offered.  Most basic dental plans provide regular check-ups which include a general exam by Dr. Petrusha, X-rays on an annual basis, and a thorough cleaning by one of our hygienist every six months.  Other services that may be offered include fluoride treatments, tooth extractions, and filling cavities.  Though a waiting period may be required for more extensive work, orthodontic care and dental surgery are often covered by most dental plans

Do you know what kind of dental plan you have?  Did you know that there are different types? Some plans are more flexible than others.  Some plans allow you to see the dental professional of your choice, while other plans, and provide a list of preferred dental care professionals from which to select your dentist.  Generally, when a plan is “accepted” by a dentist it means that payment for the services come directly from the dental benefit provider rather than from you.  This is convenient because nothing is expected out-of-pocket, and you can be assured that your dental healthcare is provided. However, if a plan is not “accepted” it does not mean that services will be denied to you, it might mean that payment is required at the time treatment.  Then your dental benefit plan will reimburse you, the patient, after they receive the claim. 

To get the most out of your dental plan, see our office regularly.  It is recommended to get a check-up and have your teeth professionally cleaned to remove tartar build-up every six months.  This will help you prevent problems down the road, which can be more costly to you. Most plans will allow annual X-rays which can identify problems that may not be as visible.  We want to prevent dental problems in the future.  Sometimes dental benefits can sound complicated or confusing.  Our office staff can help you take full advantage of your plan by letting you know which services are covered,   how often services can be scheduled, and how much out-of-pocket, if any, you can expect to pay.

 We strive to help each of our patients have the healthiest smiles possible, and look forward to helping you get the most out of your dental benefits.