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Do you know the correct way to floss your teeth? There’s a little more to it than you might think. While many people have turned to floss picks to make the process easier, they’re not very effective at removing hard-to-reach bacteria from your teeth and cause other systemic issues.   To keep your mouth healthy, you need to practice c-shape flossing. With this simple yet highly effective flossing technique, you can eliminate the majority of plaque from your teeth and keep your smile bright and clean!

Why is the C-Shape Flossing Technique so Important?

Proper flossing is often the first part of a person’s dental routine to suffer when they run short on time or energy. This is a real shame because flossing is a crucial component of dental hygiene, and neglecting it will seriously harm your teeth. Plaque is the root of many common issues, from cavities to gum disease and bad breath. When this sticky, bacteria-laden coating is left alone on your teeth, it hardens and becomes even more challenging to remove.

Unfortunately, many people don’t floss as often as they should. A recent study showed that while 30 percent of Americans reported flossing daily, 37 percent reported less than daily flossing, and 32 percent said they never floss at all. Many dental professionals estimate that the actual number of people who floss daily is much lower. And of course, even those who floss can leave plaque on their teeth by not using the correct flossing method.

C-Shape Flossing Removes Hard-to-Reach Plaque

If you’ve ever asked the question, “how do you floss properly?” then c-shape flossing might already be on your radar. It’s the number one way to clean your teeth, and all you need is some regular dental floss.

The method is simple: start by wrapping the floss around your middle fingers so you can grip it with your thumb and forefinger. This gives you even more flexibility and control as you guide the floss between your teeth. The c-shape flossing method gets its name by the c shape you form with the floss. By pulling it in a curve around the side of a tooth, you eliminate plaque clinging to the sides of your teeth that a more rigid floss pick would miss. Make sure you bring the floss slightly below the gums, where bacteria often congregates. Then guide the floss in a c-shape around the other tooth, and repeat the process.  Only move the floss in an up and down motion against the teeth, avoid “sawing” and risk cutting the gums.

That’s it! The c-shaped flossing technique is a quick and easy addition to anyone’s dental hygiene routine.

C-Shape Flossing Makes You (And Your Dentist) Happy

Regular mouth care using the correct flossing method is the best way to keep your teeth in great shape, but the work doesn’t stop there. Routine trips to the dentist reinforce the benefits of daily flossing by removing stubborn or hard-to-reach plaque that flossing at home can’t eliminate. If you’re looking for a high-quality dentist in Albany, Oregon, look no further than Pinnacle Dental Associates. We’re a family practice with decades of experience both crafting smiles and earning them from happy patients. We care deeply about the art of proper flossing because healthier teeth mean happier people!