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Creating your own person style is important for everyone.  Whether you color your hair, keep it short or long or add a tattoo to your arm.  Some of you have decided to have an oral piercing or maybe you or some you know are considering getting one.  The piercing is not only about expressing your style – it is also about your health. The following are health risks to consider prior to getting the piercing:

Infections.  You have a large amount of bacteria in your mouth, then adding the piercing plus all the handling of the jewelry can easily increase the risk of infections.  Also is also a risk for transmitting herpes simplex virus and hepatitis B and C.

Endocarditis.  Is an inflammation of the heart or the valves.  Due to the wound there is the possibility that bacteria could enter the bloodstream and turn into endocarditis.

Difficulties with oral functions. Tongue piercing can result in difficulty chewing and swallowing food and speaking clearly. People with oral piercings increase their risk of gum disease as well as damage to teeth.  When your teeth collide with the jewelry it can cause a chip or cracked tooth.  It has been reported that 47% of people wearing a barbell tongue jewelry for 4 or more years had at least one chipped tooth.