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vaping Have you heard of vaping?  It is the e-cigarette equivalent to smoking and it is taking a firm hold in the US.

Backed by the world’s biggest tobacco companies, the industry is aggressively expanding its marketing across the country. More than 14 million U.S. adults and nearly 2 million teens and tweens have used e-cigarettes, and the rate of use among high-schoolers doubled from 2011 to 2012, the latest data available. (see full article here)

While the FDA is launching nearly 50 studies on e-cigs, at this point very little is scientifically proven about the side effects of vaping. A quick Google search reveals threads describing things like dehydration, dry mouth, and tissue irritation in the mouth.

Have you tried e-cigarettes or know someone who has? Were there any side effects?  Would you tell your dentist if you were vaping?


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