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James BrownEveryday we get calls about how to properly use the CariFree products.  One of the main hang-ups for people is the order of product use.  If you are like most of America, you probably grew up brushing your teeth THEN rinsing with mouthwash. However, with CariFree things are a bit different.  No matter what gel and rinse you have in your bathroom you ALWAYS want to RINSE then BRUSH.  Although it seems strange at first, there is a scientific reason behind the order of use.

If you are using the CTx4 Treatment Rinse to decrease the amount of cavity causing bacteria there, be aware that the rinse works ON CONTACT. In other words, it does not need to continue to work after you spit it out.  Once you spit it out, it’s job is done.  So, after rinsing with the CTx4 Treatment Rinse, we want to brush with the gel. The gel is special because it is going to continue to keep the pH elevated WHILE delivering nano particles of hydroxyapetite to the teeth.

To put simply, the longer process in the equation is what dentists refer to as ‘remineralization’  (the adding of minerals to the enamel) and it is the job of the gel. This process takes more uninterrupted time. Therefore, we want to brush second so the minerals in the gel have the opportunity to do their work. That also means we don’t want to rinse with water after brushing.

The very same rules apply if you are using the CTx3 Rinse.

If you need help remembering the order, I always think of the song by James Brown (who had an amazing smile) I Feel Good…..why?  Because it is a classic Rhythm and Blues tune…and R&B to me says Rinse & Brush


Have a great R&B this morning!


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