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Is getting your kids interested in their dental hygiene akin to pulling teeth? Unfortunately, when we’re younger, we might not understand the importance of regular tooth brushing and flossing. As a parent, it can be difficult and frustrating to try and entice, cajole or plead with children not to forget about their crucial tooth care. At the end of the day, having a quality kids’ dentist can make all the difference–both in keeping your kids’ teeth in great shape at their regular check-ups and also in helping your children understand the importance of dental health in between visits to your kids’ dentist. 

Baby Teeth Matter. Here’s Why.

Many people might think there’s not much point in taking good care of baby teeth. After all, what’s the point of caring for teeth that will inevitably fall out as permanent teeth grow in?

The fact is, there are many reasons to help your child take good care of their baby teeth. Firstly, a child’s baby teeth help pave the way for permanent teeth. Baby teeth help maintain teeth alignment in the jaw, and losing a tooth too early due to gum disease or cavities means that the permanent tooth might not come in correctly. Regular trips to a kids’ dentist can help prevent those concerns.

Perhaps more importantly, helping your child to start taking good care of their teeth as early as possible will build lifelong habits of good dental hygiene. When you impart the importance of regular brushing and flossing to your children when they’re young, they’ll be far more likely to grow up with good habits that will prevent cavities, gum disease, and other dental complaints throughout their lives.

But what are the best ways to engage your kids with proper tooth brushing at a young age?


Tips For Brushing With Your Kids

Pick the right brush. You should make sure to pick out a soft-bristle toothbrush for your children. A stiff-bristle brush can irritate or damage gums, causing discomfort which could discourage your child from brushing. 

Toothpaste Selection: Choosing the right toothpaste can make a huge difference in whether your kids keep up with brushing. One of the most important things is to pick a toothpaste with a taste your children enjoy. 

Gently brush every tooth. Encourage your child to brush every side of every tooth with a gentle circular motion. You can make it a game for younger children who might not fully understand the importance of keeping their teeth clean.

Use a brushing timer. Whether you’re using a simple hourglass timer, a stopwatch on your phone, or a fun decorative timer to keep kids engaged, ensuring children brush their teeth for about two minutes twice a day will do wonders for their dental hygiene. 

Schedule regular visits with your kids’ dentist. Above all, routine check-ups with a quality kids’ dentist can make all the difference in your children’s dental health–now and in the future. 


Empower Kids to Care About Teeth

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