Teeth Sensitivity

My Tooth is Sensitive to Cold: What Can I Do? As the weather heats up and we turn to chilled drinks and ice cream, many people may notice tooth sensitivities that force them to avoid certain foods. In many cases, a sensitive tooth can signify an underlying dental problem. If tooth sensitivity is cramping your summer style, it may be... read more »

After a Tooth Extraction, What Can I Eat?

No matter the circumstances, getting a tooth extracted is rarely much fun. Even though the worst is probably behind you once a dentist removes your tooth, practicing proper aftercare will help your mouth heal up quickly. Of all the questions people ask after this procedure, the most common one is simple: “After a tooth extraction, what can I eat?”  While... read more »

Preventing sensitive teeth

The first step is to have either Dr. Kutsch or Renyer examine your teeth. They will check to be sure you do not have any areas of decay or even a broken or cracked tooth.  If you do not have any dental issues, you simply may have sensitive teeth. You should try a sensitive formulated toothpaste, usually this type of... read more »

Are your gums causing sensitive teeth?

Your gums have many functions in your mouth – from holding your teeth in place to protecting the roots of your teeth.  If you have inflamed tissue within your gums, it is not doing its job of protecting the tooth roots which can lead to sensitive teeth. By taking care of your gums and teeth you are helping to prevent... read more »

Is there a right way to brush for sensitive teeth?

You might think the best method to brush your teeth is using a hard toothbrush and back and forth motion.  Although it might make you feel like you are cleaning your teeth thoroughly, you just might be causing more harm than good.  If you have sensitive teeth, brushing too harshly can cause microscopic scrapes and scratches on your teeth.  With... read more »

Ouch! That Hurts!

Drinking hot coffee or eating your favorite ice cream should not be painful.  Nor should brushing or flossing your teeth. If you feel a twinge; you might have sensitive teeth. The causes of sensitivity vary: tooth decay, gum disease, worn enamel and older fillings are all culprits. The good news is that sensitive teeth can be treated. We have a... read more »