What is Restorative Dentistry?

The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but let’s not undervalue the charm of a beautiful smile. Of course, even if you’re lucky enough to grow up with a perfect set of pearly whites, it’s hard to keep them that way. From chipped teeth to cavities, tooth damage is as common as it is unpleasant. But you don’t... read more »

Help! My tooth is knocked out!

I can hear my mother saying, “Kids, will be kids!”  Inevitably when the kids are being kids, there can be an elbow to the mouth or a knee to the cheek.  Not to mention accidents involving sports or other physical activity. What should you do if a tooth is knocked out?  If it is a permanent tooth: first locate the... read more »

It is finally summer time!

You and your family have just set out on a great trip when your tooth begins to ache.  Now what?  First, do not put any pain killers, such as aspirin, directly on the gum surrounding the tooth because the medicine can burn the gum tissue.  You should clean your mouth out by rinsing with warm salt water.  Gently swish the... read more »