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“My tongue burns!” We’ve all been there. No one enjoys the feeling of scalding their tongue on a hot cup of coffee, but what about when your tongue starts burning for no reason at all? If you’ve experienced a painful burning sensation on your tongue with seemingly no cause, you might have burning tongue syndrome. While experiencing discomfort or pain out of the clear blue can be alarming, there’s likely a simple explanation. 

Burning Tongue Causes

Many factors can cause a painful burning sensation on your tongue. In some cases, hormonal shifts or actual tissue damage can cause the problem, but these are less common. Usually, the cause of a burning tongue is relatively straightforward to treat.


It might not be a hot beverage, but the things you eat, drink, or use on your teeth could still be causing an issue. If you’re over-brushing your tongue, using a strong mouthwash for too long, or eating or drinking foods that irritate your mouth, it can cause your tongue to hurt throughout the day. For example, if eating pineapple burns your tongue, it’s probably corrosive bromelain irritating your mouth.

Changing Taste Buds

In some cases, a change in your sense of taste leads to a burning tongue. If you’ve lost the taste buds at the top of your tongue responsible for sensing bitterness, it may cause your pain receptors to start firing randomly and create a burning sensation.

Vitamin Deficiency

Surprisingly, nutrition can play a role in burning tongue syndrome. If you’re not getting enough vitamin B-12, folate, or iron in your diet, it can make it feel like your tongue is scalded. By adopting a more balanced diet, you can help stop your symptoms at the source.


Sometimes an infection, such as an oral yeast infection, can make it feel like your tongue is burning. Luckily your dentist will be able to identify this condition and quickly prescribe a treatment. 

Dry Mouth

Saliva helps keep your mouth and teeth healthy, and a dry mouth can lead to several issues. If you have a disease that affects your salivary glands or are taking medication that can cause dry mouth, it may contribute to oral discomfort.

Cancer is Rarely The Cause

In extremely rare instances of a burning tongue, cancer can be the culprit. Accompanying symptoms may include lesions that do not heal, the feeling like something is in your throat, difficulty swallowing, difficulty moving your tongue or jaw, and more. Talk to your dentist immediately if you’re concerned about any of these symptoms.

Get Help For Your Burning Tongue

There is no need to suffer from discomfort relating to a burning tongue.   Your dentist can quickly identify the root of the problem and help you get some relief. Of course, regular dental examinations allow your dentist to monitor your mouth health and detect potentially serious changes early. Here at Pinnacle Dental Associates, we strive to give all our patients the quality care they need, when they need it, for a fair price. If you’re looking for the best dental practice in Albany, Oregon, be sure to give us a call!