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lemon acidic dietWith bathing suit season quickly approaching, many of us are trying to shed a few pounds before bearing it all at the pool.  With so many different theories and diet plans out there it may seem challenging to find the right one.  I’ll be the first to say I haven’t quite mastered that myself yet so I won’t be giving any weight loss advice.

When people start focusing on their waistline they can often forget about other bodily changes that can happen when dramatically altering ones diet.  A hygienist friend of mine shared Denise’s story.  Denise went on a strict raw vegan diet and then began consuming large quantities of fermented foods.  This highly acidic diet caused a drastic negative change in her oral health.  She went from an overall healthy mouth to 16 new cavities in a 1-year span.

While I don’t necessarily agree with Denise’s solution to her problem, I can say her experience is real and something I have seen first-hand as a hygienist.  Although enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, it is no match for continual exposure to an acidic environment.

Curious about the pH of the foods you’re eating?  Click here for a list of approximate pH of foods and food products published by the FDA.  Curious about how to control your oral pH?  Stay tuned for next week’s blog!


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